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Customs Operations

We help you import or export

Taking the first step with us is simple:

Define what merchandise you need to import or export
Once you define the product you want to import or export and you are in contact with your supplier at origin or potential client at destination, contact our team of experts to find out the steps to follow.

Our added value? We understand our business
Each merchandise is unique and has its specifications. Therefore, we analyze if the product can be imported or exported and if it needs any authorization or registration.

We calculate the tax rate
Describing the merchandise, knowing its composition, characteristics and specifications will help us accurately determine the product’s duties and taxes.

After following these steps, you will have the information you need to determine if your business idea fullfils your expectations.

We have a Free Trade Zone service

Additional services

We take care of the coordination of the transfer of the merchandise in case it is necessary

We coordinate the management of merchandise in transit

Additional services

Free Trade Zone services

Local pick up or delivery services

Transit services


Share with us your business idea,
we take care of the rest

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